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Monday, 19 December 2011

Book Review - State of Wonder

This was an inspiring journey into the heart of the Amazon. A wonderful experience to read, this novel takes you on a path of discovery to see the hidden mysteries in nature and opens your mind to the secrets it holds.
Marina Singh has just suffered a terrible loss. Her friend and colleague for years is dead in the amazon, thousands of miles away. The only evidence is a short, crude note from the last known person to be in his company. Dr Annick Swenson.
In the employment of a high profile pharmaceutical company, Swenson hasn't left the amazon in a decade. With no means of contacting her, Marina is forced to come to her to discover the circumstances of her friends demise. If that is not enough, the doctor is working on a miraculous new drug and Marina finds herself in the middle of one of the most important medical discoveries of the century. But is it the discovery she thinks it is?

Ann Patchett is a masterful storyteller. In a gripping story that takes you down the amazon river to join the ranks of the Lakashi tribe, you will find yourself consumed in the mysteries held within. I really enjoy the way she brought this story to life. The story left pieces of itself transfixed in my mind. Pieces that will wrench your heart out and play with your emotions. Bravo to one of Ann Patchett's finest.

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  1. wow, sounds like a thrilling novel, i would like to know the details of it.
    awesome review Josh!