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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Book Review - Aleph

This was another one of those books I took a chance on. I'm not a very spiritual person by nature and I don't necessarily agree with all religious views but this book had a very interesting idea behind it. The idea behind a book is what's important and regardless of the story itself, that is enough to grab my attention.
Aleph is a remarkable story of self-discovery. In one of his most personal novels to date, Paulo Coelho shares his experiences from his journey all the way along the Trans-Siberian Railway.
After feeling the loss of meaning in his life, he is determined to find it again. Just before he begins his journey, he meets Hilal, a strong and determined young woman who shares the same goal that he is out to accomplish and believes that they can achieve it together. It is while the two of them are together that we first encounter an aleph. It is suggested that the past, the present, and the future, are all happening simultaneously. An aleph is a space where, if you are near someone you've met in a previous life, you will both see visions of the time you have experienced together in the past. Paulo is certain that his feeling of loss is being caused by a wrong he has committed in one of his past lives. The person he wronged is Hilal.
Paulo Coelho takes you along on his spiritual journey to find himself. It is an intensely personal, and fascinating experience. I found the idea of the aleph to be highly interesting. It is not a concept I've ever considered before. I think it's a beautiful idea that two people from a past life could meet again and share everything that has ever happened between them as though no time has passed. This book is definitely an interesting read and I was very impressed with it. For everyone out there with an open mind, I strongly recommend this book to you!

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