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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Book Review - The Tiger

Following last weeks inspiring story by Arlene Dickinson, I decided to stick with the non-fiction theme this week. I can honestly say I had no expectations whatsoever about this book. Not a huge non-fiction fan but I had heard good things.
This was the ultimate horror book, but not for any of the traditional reasons. Your everyday monsters live in your imagination, they can't hurt you. But the creature in this story is on another level. This is a hungry beast of the real world and there are people threatened by it's existence every day. The Siberian Tiger is a ferocious killer by necessity and the force of it's jaws is enough to crush your bones into dust. At one point they may have weighed up to 900 lbs, and some of these creatures may have grown to be 16 feet long. But it is also an endangered species and needs protection. There is an entire force dedicated to the difficult endeavor of protecting these magnificent animals from the ravenous poachers. They are called Inspection Tiger.
This is the story of Yuri Trush and his men. A man, hunting a tiger, hunting a man. A true story about one of the smartest carnivores on the face of the earth, and some of the most experienced tiger hunters in Russia. This tiger was not just a man-eater. It was much more terrifying. This tiger preyed solely on human hunters.
The hunters became the hunted.
How do you survive the perfect predator?
John Vaillant sets a whole new stage for terror in his bestselling novel The Tiger. Everyone has an inherent fear of the tiger, but because we aren't exposed to it in our daily lives this fear doesn't ring true. In a chilling story of vengeance, John Vaillant justifies that fear.
Join the hunt and grab your copy of The Tiger today.

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