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Saturday, 28 January 2012

B.O.O.W Reviews

Ever since I started this blog, people have been asking me if there was a typo in the name. "Are you sure Boow isn't spelled with a 'k'?" It always used to bother me that nobody used to understand. But then it occurred to me that I never explained it to you! How silly do I feel right?
So for the record there is no typo in "Boow". However, aside from just being a catchy title it does actually stand for something. B.O.O.W stands for Books on our Wishlist. I used to find myself looking really hard for a good book every time I went to the bookstore. And it was always hit and miss. Sometimes I would find a real jewel but other times I would just find a dud of a book. But as a book lover, I think you should have the opportunity to read great books all the time! So where do you find great books all the time? The bestseller shelf!. There are always great books on the shelf and there is such an amazing variation of genres and concepts. If you didn't know about them I wanted to share them all with you!
So I really hope you enjoy reading my reviews and continue to do so and that this sheds a little light on the matter! Share your B.O.O.W with me and we can read them together!

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  1. More of a suggestion than a wishlist but go read "The Fault in our Stars" by John Green.