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Monday, 27 February 2012

Book Review - Mockingjay

It has taken me much too long to get to this book and it has been driving me crazy, so I was very excited to read it this week. The final book in The Hunger Games series did not disappoint.
The life Katniss once led has completely disappeared. Peeta is in the hands of the capital and district 12 has been completely destroyed. Thanks to Gale, a few hundred people managed to escape the districts destruction but there's no word from her family.
On the road to a slow recovery, Katniss is adjusting to life in a place she didn't know still existed. District 13. With the shocking end to the last Hunger Games, unrest in the districts has finally peaked and Katniss is thrown into the revolution headfirst. As the voice of the revolution, she must be strong for the people and President Coin of District 13 believes the best way to do this is to run constant video promos of her efforts to fight the capitol. But the capitol is going to fight fire with fire. Peeta has been hijacked into working for President Snow. Things aren't looking good. It is decided that a rescue mission must be put into actionand it becomes a success. But something is wrong. Peeta isn't himself. And Katniss is in danger. The capitol is trying to destroy everything that Katniss holds dear and will do anything to hurt her. But she is the Mockingjay. And she is going to kill President Snow.
Suzanne Collins brings The Hunger Games series to a thrilling conclusion. She plays with your emotions and surprises you at every corner. And most importantly to some people, Katniss finally chooses between Gale and Peeta. If you haven't already read it, you don't want to miss this book. Everybody needs this on their shelf.

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  1. Loved the book. Glad you did not spoil the story but left enough information to indulge the reader.