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Monday, 6 February 2012

Book Review - The Sisters Brothers

So I only found out that this book was a Western after I bought it but I am so glad I did. This was the first Western I've ever read and I'm always happy to try out a new genre.
Eli and his brother Charlie are guns for hire. Their mission is to take out the target passed onto them by their boss, The Commodore. In the middle of a gold rush, they come across some of the most
self-centered, evil men around. The brothers have to be on their toes if they want to survive all of the backstabbing corrupted people out to find enough riches for a lifetime. In a never-ending battle, the brothers acquire fortunes from the wealthiest of men, killing as they go. Staying true to their reputation, they are the fiercest men alive. While they can have whatever they want whenever they want it, Eli has a horse named Tub. Tub isn't the greatest horse alive, and in fact he's a little slow. But even with enough money to buy a thousand horses, Eli can't bring himself to part from his trusty steed. The bond between a man and his horse supercedes all else until a cruel twist of fate destroys everything they've ever worked for. Can the brothers outlive their reputation or will they fall to the masses? Only time will tell.
This book is the perfect example of a very straightforward idea turned into an enthralling story with great depth. The conversation carries this book. By the end, the characters are so real and so relatable that you feel like you know them personally. I really enjoyed this book and I would read it all over again. Don't pass up this award winning book, I strongly recommend it.

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