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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Book Review - Divergent

This review is for the brilliant novel by Veronica Roth, Divergent.

One choice can transform you. One choice determines your loyalties forever. In this world, at the age of 16, each and every person decides their fate with a single choice. They must devote their lives to one of five factions, each serving a specific virtue: honesty, selflessness, intelligence, peacefulness and bravery.
Tris has made her choice. Sealed with a drop of blood, she leaves everything she knows behind. But was it the right one?  Choosing a new identity is the start of a new life for her presenting new challenges, new values and new friends. But she can never forget who she was.
In a flawless display of writing prowess, Veronica Roth leads you into an exhilarating world of intrigue and wonder as Tris struggles to overcome fear itself. Fighting for a limited space in her new faction, she must succeed or risk a life of misery and solitude as a member of the factionless, there are no second chances. But she doesn't belong anywhere. She is unique. She is divergent.
Everywhere she turns it is dangerous to be in her shoes. If anybody were to find out what she really was she may go to sleep and never wake up.
Something is awry with her faction and as she crosses the line between truth and fiction she is thrown into the epicenter of something terrifying. All the simulated fears she has worked to overcome, she must now face for real.

I really enjoyed the idea of choosing your own faction. I found myself wondering constantly; what faction would I choose? The idea of a single choice having such an impact was so powerful that I could never decide. Your life and your personality would change to reflect your choice and new set of values dramatically. I found it wonderfully thought provoking.
A unique and entrancing view into a virtuous dystopian realm,  Divergent is a marvelously refreshing outlook on personal choices and individuality.
In a world divided, nothing is perfect. Not even a virtue.

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