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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Book Review - The Night Circus

The fascinating story of The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

This was an entrancing creation of the imagination. As though you were entering a dream you did not want to wake from. It was simply intoxicating.
Celia Bowen has a gift. Something so special it can only be described as magic. This talent draws her into a game and a pact is made to stage an exhibition of extraordinary talent in the years to come. As she grows older, her abilities become an art,  her power of illusion immaculate. The stage is finally set and Celia enters a world of fantasy. The Circus of Dreams.
Beyond imagination, the world around her is wondrous. But she cannot outrun the past. The game is on. Watching from the outskirts, her opponent watches intently. Their talents are impressive, rivaling her own and mystical creations surround her, things she could never do. But who are they?
Strange things begin happening in the circus. Perhaps it is the circus itself. But perhaps it is the exhibition.
In a game without rules and the power to bend the laws of the world, a winner must be decided.

In a magnificent display of all that is magical, Erin Morgenstern weaves a world of wonder. Drawing you into a world you only wish you could be a part of. It is artful and mysterious, written with class and a touch of wonder. A tale of love and creation and utterly entrancing, it is truly a circus of dreams.
Magic is something we all want to believe in. Strange but fascinating, we yearn to have it at our fingertips. This book makes it real. Creating a world of imagination for you to believe in and a fantasy for you to explore.

Lose yourself in the circus you will never forget.

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